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    All of the possible values for the icon come from the material design icons.


    value just represent the id of the material design icons you want to use, check the doc to find one that fit your needs.

    Simple icon

        "type": "icon",
        "value": "abc"

    Icon color & size

    You can also change the font color just for your icon, try by changing the integer code of this icon.

    (In this example, the hexadecimal code uses a syntactic sugar from JavaScript but the value sent is still an Integer)

        "type": "icon",
        "value": "abc",
        "color": 0xFF000000,
        "size": 100


    _typeThe type of the element
    • icon
    valueThe value of the IconIconName
    colorThe color of the Icon. If not set or null, the color is inherited from the theme.integer
    semanticLabelThe semantic label for the Icon. This will be announced when using accessibility mode.string
    sizeThe size of the Iconnumber
    • 24
    styleThe style of the Iconstring
    • filled
    • sharp
    • rounded
    • outlined