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    The terminal is a command prompt that let you run only Lenra specific commands. It has his own history and keep the same command context during it lifetime.

    To start the terminal, run the lenra command without any subcommand:

    $ lenra

    You can use the global options to configure the terminal context:

            --config <CONFIG>    The app configuration file [default: lenra.yml]
            --expose <EXPOSE>    Exposes services ports [possible values: app, devtool, postgres, mongo]
        -v, --verbose            Run the commands as verbose


    The terminal let run all the lenra subcommands (excpet the terminal itself and the new one) without the need of write lenra before them each time and even more:

    Here is the help result in the terminal:

    [lenra]$ help
    The Lenra interactive command line interface
        lenra <SUBCOMMAND>
        -h, --help    Print help information
        build      Build your app in release mode
        check      Checks the running app
        dev        Start the app in an interactive mode
        exit       Exits the terminal
        expose     Exposes the app ports
        help       Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
        logs       View output from the containers
        reload     Reload the app by rebuilding and restarting it
        start      Start your app previously built with the build command
        stop       Stop your app previously started with the start command
        update     Update the tools Docker images
        upgrade    Upgrade the app with the last template updates