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    This subcommand starts the Lenra app of the current directory in dev mode.

    The dev mode builds and starts the app and then displays its logs.

    $ lenra dev --help
    Start the app in an interactive mode
        lenra dev [OPTIONS]
            --attach             Attach the dev mode without rebuilding the app and restarting it
            --config <CONFIG>    The app configuration file [default: lenra.yml]
            --expose <EXPOSE>    Exposes services ports [possible values: app, devtool, postgres, mongo]
        -h, --help               Print help information
        -v, --verbose            Run the commands as verbose

    When your app is in dev mode, you can run interactive commands through keyboard shortcuts.

    Here is the help interactive command result displayed pressing H key:

    SHORTCUTS: (Command  Key(s)  Description)
        Help      H                Print this message
        Reload    R                Reload the app by rebuilding and restarting it
        Quit      Q, Ctrl+C        Quit the interactive mode
        Stop      S                Stop your app previously started with the start command