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    The Lenra's command line interface helps you building your Lenra app locally and it's gona be your best friend !

    We've created many commands to help you managing a local smaller Lenra instance to create and test your app.

    Create a new app

    To create an app, you should use the lenra new subcommand that will create a new project based on a Lenra app template.

    Start it running the lenra dev subcommand. Your app will be built, started and exposed on http://localhost:4000/

    Here are the steps to start building a JavaScript Lenra app:

    # new app from javascript template in a new 'my-app' directory
    lenra new javascript -p my-app
    # move to the new app dir
    cd my-app
    # initialize git versionning
    git init
    # start your app
    lenra dev

    Look the lenra dev subcommand to understand the new dev mode.

    Configure your app container

    Lenra app system is based containers. Look at our lenra.yml config file to adapt your app configuration and better understand how you can tools in your app containers.