The framework

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The Lenra's framework is made on three parts: the data, the widgets and the listeners.


The data is the central part of the framework. It let you store and request your app data.

The data are stored in datastores (yes it's obvious). The datastores let you group sets of JSON data elements.

We offer you a built in _users datastore to link data with user accounts.

The data can reference other ones with the _refs property. You also can manage the data that reference one with the _refBy property.

Use our app data API to manage your datastores and data within your listeners and use the query API to make your widgets dynamic.


The widget system let you manage the user interface of your app. Check our components API to find the components to build your widgets.

The widgets can be based on the data by passing a query in the query attribute of the widget.

Some components, like buttons, can dispatch events to run listeners.


The listeners are the core of your app. It's with them that you will manage your data or call external services.