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The style of the Text.


colorThe color of the text.integer
decorationAllows you to underline, overline or strike out the text.string ("lineThrough", "overline", "underline", "none")
decorationColorThe color of the decoration.integer
decorationStyleThe style in which to draw a text decoration.string ("dashed", "dotted", "double", "solid", "wavy")
decorationThicknessThe thickness of the decoration.number (1)
fontFamilyThe font family of the text.string
fontFamilyFallbackThe list of font families to use if the first font family could not be found.string[]
fontSizeThe size of the text.number (1)
fontStyleThe style of the text.string ("italic", "normal")
fontWeightThe weight of the text.string ("bold", "normal", "w100", "w200", "w300", "w400", "w500", "w600", "w700", "w800", "w900")
heightThe height of this text.number (1)
letterSpacingThe amount of space to add between each letter.number (1)
overflowHow visual text overflow should be handled.string ("clip", "ellipsis", "fade", "visible")
shadowsA list of Shadows that will be painted underneath the text.BoxShadow[]
textBaselineThe common baseline that should be aligned between this text and its parent text.string ("alphabetic", "ideographic")
wordSpacingThe amount of space to add at each sequence of white-space.number (1)