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Element of type TextFieldStyle


cursorColorThe color of the cursor.integer
cursorHeightThe height of the cursor.number
cursorRadiusThe radius of the cursor.Radius
cursorWidthThe width of the cursor.number
decorationThe decoration of the input.InputDecoration
keyboardAppearanceThe appearance of the keyboard.string ("dark", "light")
obscuringCharacterThe character used to obscure the text.string
scrollPaddingThe padding of the scrollable when the Textfield scrolls into view.Padding
selectionHeightStyleThe height of the selection highlight boxes.string ("includeLineSpacingBottom", "includeLineSpacingMiddle", "includeLineSpacingTop", "max", "strut", "tight")
selectionWidthStyleThe width of the selection highlight boxes.string ("max", "tight")
strutStyleDefines the strut of a text line.StrutStyle
textAlignThe alignment of the text.string ("left", "right", "center", "justify", "start", "end")
textAlignVerticalHow the text should be aligned vertically.string ("bottom", "center", "top")
textStyleThe style of the text.TextStyle